Events in Parks

Parks are attractive locations to host events. They are easy to access and have space to accommodate large numbers of attendees. This helps event organisers to maximise footfall.

We would like you to enjoy your time spent in Parks and ask that you take any litter home that you brought with you.

We charge different fees for holding events in parks based on the nature of the event, such as:

  • funfairs
  • circuses
  • car boot sales

The scale of the event and the number of days the event is being held/land is being occupied for.

Risk assessment forms

You'll need to complete a risk assessment form before the event if:

  • you are inviting people that are not immediate family members
  • you are charging for people to attend the activity or event
  • you are a commercial organisation, charity or other constituted body
  • you wish to have a BBQ, erect structures such as PA systems, bouncy castles, stages or gazebos
  • your event includes any commercial company for food or entertainment

You'll need to complete the Combined Event Notification Form/Risk Assessment

You can email the completed form to

Sporting events

If your activity includes any kind of sport such as exercise classes or  football, you'll need to email

After we've approved the event

Once we've approved the event, you can pay for any fees on our website.

Applications for new events held in parks and open spaces need approval from ward councillors.

Street Parties

Street parties are a great way to meet your neighbours and build community spirit. It's important to make sure that it's well planned so that everyone involved has a good time and stays safe.

If you are planning on holding a street party, you will need to submit the following applications:

Event Notification and Risk Assessment

You'll need to:

Road closure

If you want to apply for a road closure, you'll also need to send the Event Notification Form/Risk Assessment to the Streetworks Team by email to You'll need to do this at least 4 months in advance of the event.

There is a fee for a road closure.

Parking suspension application

If there is on-street parking along the road you wish to close, you'll need a parking suspension.

You'll need to submit the application to the parking services team online.There is a fee associated with the suspension of parking enforcement. Get more information about this by visiting Sutton Council event fees and charges.

Other things to consider 

There are other points to consider when planning your street party:


We recommend that organisers of events have valid public liability insurance of at least £1m, if:

  • your event will be on Council land
  • your event will be held in a Council properties

We may make this mandatory for certain events that take place on Council land. Some examples include:

  • firework displays
  • festivals for sport, food, or music
  • events serving or permitting alcohol
  • events operated by private companies and businesses.
  • events where organisers seek to generate profit from the event

Public liability insurance of at least £5M is required for all events held in parks and open spaces.

Road closure consultation

Before applying for a road closure, you'll need to conduct a consultation with all:

  • people living on the road you are proposing to close
  • businesses operating within the road you are proposing to close

You'll need to do this at least 2 weeks before submitting your application to the Streetworks Team.

You can download road closure consultation letter templates

Traffic management

If you want to prevent through traffic, you'll need to provide the Streetworks Team with a traffic plan. You'll need to show the exact extent of the closure and a suggested alternative route for traffic


If you plan to sell alcohol at your street party, you will need a Temporary Events Notice(TEN). This is a temporary permission for licensable activities. Please note, there is a fee of £21 for a TEN.


You'll need to be mindful of the surrounding area and ensure that any music is not too loud and doesn't go on too late. This could lead to noise complaints.


Community groups can apply for funding for a community event, activity, or project and funding to cover additional fees and charges for an event (e.g. insurance). Please see the Local Funding webpage for more information.

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