Future of Sutton Parent Carer Participation Grant

24 Jan 2024

The London Borough of Sutton and its partners are seeking new arrangements to represent children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their parents and carers.

This comes as the current provider of this work, the Sutton Parent Carer Forum, confirmed that from April they will not be renewing the Parent Carer Participation Grant contract. 

Over the coming weeks and months the Council will be working in partnership with others, including the national organisation Contact that supports parent carer forums, in establishing what works best for our community and the local area.  

Councillor Marian James, Chair of the London Borough of Sutton’s People Committee, said: 

"As a local area all partners have really appreciated and valued the work of the Sutton Parent Carer Forum over many years. We recognise that representing young people, their parents and carers and providing appropriate challenge is demanding and important work. We thank the outgoing forum for all that they have done and achieved and we are proud of those things we have achieved in partnership. 

"The independent voice of parents, carers, children and young people is important in shaping our services. We must now work with all interested partners to identify a new independent body to take on this vital work."

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