Issues we will address through pruning or removal

Potentially hazardous trees 

If the tree poses a significant threat to people or property, it will be felled. 

If the tree is displaying obvious signs of a biological or structural defects, remedial works will be conducted to reduce the threat to an acceptable level.

Trees affecting public access or highway safety 

If there is a risk to the public from overhanging branches, we will cut back branches.

Basal growth

We have an annual programme (from May to September) to cut back growth at the base of trees that:

  • restrict lines of sight or 
  • encroach across pavements or into roads

Damage to property

We will carry out works on a tree that:

  • has been implicated in damage to property and
  • it has been demonstrated that tree roots have been involved

All tree works are carried out without prejudice. Mitigation works can be applied in the following situations: 

  • alleged subsidence
  • direct damage from tree failure

Issues we won’t address through pruning

Blocking light including solar panels

We won't take any action for trees or branches that are blocking light. This is because there is no legal right to light.

Tree debris 

Debris from trees, such as falling leaves, fruit or cones are not a ‘legal nuisance’ and is a natural process.

Branches touching telephone wires 

This is outside of our routine tree-works. It can be the responsibility of British Telecom (BT) so should be reported to them. 


This is a sticky substance produced by insects feeding on leaves, which then can drop onto the ground or on property and cars. There is no practical treatment to prevent this. Affected residents should consider measures they can take to protect their property.  For instance, getting covers for or regular washing of cars or other property. 

Bird fouling

Even when trees are pruned they are still inhabited by wildlife so there are no practical measures or treatment for this. 

Improving signal to satellite dishes or TV aerials

Affected residents should consider relocating aerials or dishes to another part of the roof or using signal ‘boosters’.

Pollens and allergens

As all vegetation produces pollen as part of a natural process, this does not constitute a ‘legal nuisance’.