New sustainable homes for Sutton set to be given the green light

19 Mar 2021

Last week, the Council announced it had successfully met its target for the number of new homes built in the borough last year, as well as delivering vital new council housing for residents.

To enable the development of further new affordable housing, the Council intends to close its Denmark Road office and car park sites. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way the council employees are working, and presented an opportunity to move staff onto one site - at the Civic Centre in Sutton, thanks to increased flexible working.

The move will also provide the opportunity for the Council to significantly reduce building-related costs by over £400,000 per year, and carbon emissions. 

Councillor Sunita Gordon, Lead Member for Resources, said:

“COVID-19 has resulted in a different way in which we all work. These changes have reduced the need for physical space and traditional office facilities. Through our WorkWell programme, we are now considering what kind of environment will best support a new, modern way of working to the benefit of our staff and residents.”  

Councillor Jayne McCoy, Chair of Sutton Council’s Housing, Economy & Business Committee, said:

“The redevelopment of our Denmark Road site is central to our ambitious regeneration plans to bring vital new housing for residents.

“With most staff currently working more flexibly, this has enabled us to rethink our site’s location, cost and carbon efficiency.

“The current Denmark Road site is at the end of its original design life and maintaining it is costly.

“The carbon consumption is also inconsistent with the Council’s ambition to be London’s most sustainable borough and this venture demonstrates our commitment to tackle the climate emergency head-on.” 

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