Piloting new technologies to help solve our biggest challenges

12 Mar 2021

A working group which cuts across teams such as Adult Social Care, Communications, Digital, Procurement and more are leading on the InnOvaTe project, to promote IoT use in local authorities.

“Last month we began piloting 100 in-home sensors to support independent living for vulnerable residents.” says Bradley, Smart Place Project Manager and Social Worker for Sutton Council

“The sensors allow council officers to be alerted when residents may require assistance, without the need to keep disturbing the residents or placing an extra task on the Independant Living Officers (ILO).”

The installation of the sensors has already started to reap rewards. Within the first week, the solution detected a drop in activity levels of two residents that had experienced ill-health and injury, and its automated alert notified the ILOs.

“In one case, the alert allowed the ILOs to support our resident who had fallen, raising an alert for urgent medical support. Without this early intervention, our resident would have laid unattended for far longer and may have experienced far more serious issues.” 

“We have already seen the benefits data can bring to residents and how the right data at the right time can save lives.

“As well as allowing residents to feel more empowered and self-sufficient in their day-to-day lives, the technology also eases the pressure on our independent living officers.”

Our Digital and IT team has worked hard to pilot new ways to support the community during the pandemic. 

Find out how we plan to protect those needing our care and support Sutton’s recovery over the next 12 months.

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