Recycling banks across the borough

Find a recycling bank

You'll find recycling banks across the borough for:

  • clothes
  • bed linen and blankets (but not duvets or pillows - take these to the tip please)
  • towels
  • curtains
  • handbags
  • paired shoes
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • computer games

If the bank is full when you visit please:

  • let us know by calling the number on the bank
  • take your recycling to another bank or to a charity shop
  • don't leave your recycling next to the bank (it gets picked through or rained on)

Find recycling near you

Use our map to find a recycling bank near you (or see our list of recycling banks below). Map locations are approximate.

 Textiles, shoes, books, DVDs, CDs, computer games

  • Cheam Library
  • The Quadrant, Brighton Road, SM2 5AS
  • Crown Road, Collingwood, SM1 1RU
  • Civic Offices, Gibson Road, SM1 1EA
  • Shotfield Car Park, SM6 0HY (temporarily removed for resurfacing work)
  • Stone Place Car Park, KT4 8ES

Just textiles and shoes

  • Bushey Road, SM1 1QS
  • Brunswick Road, SM1 4DQ
  • Hulverston Close, SM2 6TZ
  • Denmark Road, SM5 2JG
  • Radcliffe Gardens, SM5 4PF
  • London Road Car Park, opp Lord Nelson PH, SM3 8SL
  • Staines Avenue, SM3 9BY
  • Mellow's Park, SM6 9BX

Just books, DVDs, CDs, and computer games

  • Kingsway Road Car Park
  • Farnham Court, Park Road

Please note that the banks at Shotfield Car Park in Wallington have been removed in order to resurface the car park.