Report a missed collection

You can use this service to report a missed bin, box or caddy collection.

Missed collections on Tuesday 5 December

The crew missed some collections yesterday in:

  • recycling in SM6 and CR0 

If your entire street was missed, you do not need to report a missed collection. Leave your bins out and the crew will return as soon as possible.

Report a missed bin collection

We’ll arrange for a crew to return within two working days.

Before you start

A collection will not be re-attempted if your bin, box or caddy:

  • wasn’t put out before 6:00 am on your collection day
  • contained incorrect waste or was too heavy

Once you’ve reported a missed collection, please leave the bin, box or caddy at the front of your property, ideally close to the pavement but not on it, ready for collection.  Where this is not possible bins, boxes, and caddies can be presented on the pavement but must be removed as soon as possible after collection to avoid obstruction

When to report a missed collection

Please wait until after 6:00 pm on your collection day to report a missed collection. Our collection crews work until 6:00 pm and they may still be making their way to your property.

Missed collections must be reported within two working days (Monday - Saturday).

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