Emily, Team Manager, Leaving Care Team

Emily started in Sutton as a Social Worker, went onto become an Assistant Team Manager and is now the Team Manager of the Leaving Care Team

“When I started working for Sutton I was on a working holiday visa from Australia. I wanted to try out London life and found that I really liked it here (don't ask why, on mornings like today I look at the frost covered grass and crave the beach in my home town).

I didn't want to leave my job in the Leaving Care Team when my visa was due to expire so Sutton supported me to get a 'work shortage visa' giving me leave to remain for 5 years and a job doing something I'm very passionate about.

Since then Sutton have trusted me to be a part of the management team that will steer the Leaving Care Team in a direction that strives to offer far more than just the statutory.

I've stayed because I work alongside people who share that passion and embrace creative ideas, like offering a yoga and mindfulness class to care leavers, making our office a second home and engaging in partnership working.

I've been supported in my development through having the opportunity to step up and push myself and my team toward greater outcomes with our young people not just safe but achieving!“