Princess, Social Worker, Red Locality

Princess started working in Red Locality in Sutton Children’s Services in 2019

“In 2016 when I was still working in South Africa I was afforded an opportunity for an interview with Sutton, sadly I did not make the selection at the time. But reading up about Sutton at the time I was sure this was the kind of employer I would love to work for one day.

I went on to get a job with another Local Authority that I am forever indebted to for the role they played in enhancing my career however when an opportunity to make a change presented itself and Sutton offered me another shot at an interview I jumped at it.

Since joining the team in July I have not once had a moment of regret, Sutton has already afforded me a pool of opportunities from training to a lovely, wonderful team with managers that go the extra mile to make this work more enjoyable.

Within my first week I attended the Restorative Practice training which I have been wanting to get onto for a while now. I was afforded the opportunity to be a champion and have found this role not just enjoyable but very influential in my practice and the work I do with children and families.

More than this I have also been offered an opportunity to engage with the Practice Educator course to help support a pool of student social workers coming into the field.

This has always been my passion and I am grateful to the London Borough of Sutton for the opportunity to be part of such a supportive family that cares about the progression of those working for them.”