We regularly review parking requests and issues that we receive from residents, businesses and councillors.

This ensures that we are:

  • managing parking effectively
  • prioritising parking for local people
  • identifying new areas where parking pressures emerge

Request new parking restrictions

You can request for changes to existing parking restrictions or the introduction of new ones.

This could be:

  • double yellow lines on a junction to deal with dangerous and obstructive parking
  • removal of redundant parking bays
  • minor changes to existing waiting and loading arrangements

Information you need to provide

When contacting us, try and give us as much detail as possible including:

  • your full name and address
  • your email address and/or phone number
  • what the problem is
  • the days and times that it happens
  • any photos and other useful information 
  • what you think would solve the problem

You may also wish to talk to your neighbours and submit your request as a petition.

Request parking restrictions

What happens next

We receive a lot of requests throughout the year. We review them quarterly based on priority and feasibility.

As resources and funding becomes available, we create a schedule for delivery. We then agree on a schedule with the Environment and Transport committee.

How we review parking requests

We measure requests for parking changes against set criteria. In order of priority, they are:

  • road safety
  • levels of resident and Councillor support
  • if we've been told about access issues by the emergency services or the waste and recycling team
  • where measures might support sustainable transport options
  • where commuter parking or congestion is an issue

Unfortunately, there is insufficient funding to deal with all of the requests received. We keep all requests on file and may consider them again at a later date.

We may decide to hold informal consultation with properties in the affected area. This is based on the complexity of the scheme. The result of any informal consultation will be shared with local councillors.

If informal consultation is not required, the scheme progresses straight to drafting of a Traffic Management Order (TMO).

How long it takes

Once a scheme has been agreed to progress and funding is available there will be engagement with ward councillors and residents on the proposals.

We combine several parking schemes into one TMO wherever we can. This reduces costs and makes more effective use of limited resources.

The statutory TMO process includes:

  • advertising in the local paper
  • offering the public the opportunity to object
  • dealing with any objections received

If there is no consensus on a scheme, it may have to go back to the Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee for a decision.

As a result, implementation of any work can take between 6 - 12 months. It depends on committee cycles and the outcomes of consultation from the date a scheme is selected for funding.

Parking requests that are being implemented

The next phase of parking requests that are being considered are available on our parking review  page along with updates on implementation.

If you have specific queries about existing parking review consultations you can email parking.strategy@sutton.gov.uk