Support sensors help Sutton’s vulnerable residents through winter

16 Feb 2022

Residents living in Sutton continue to receive vital social care support thanks to innovative technology.

The trial scheme involved Sutton Council, Sutton Housing Partnership and IoT Solutions Group coming together to deploy 150 in-home sensors to help further enhance the Council’s social care support to its residents.

The sensors are designed to deliver real-time insight into how active an individual is in their own home. Any changes to this, for example a lack of activity, then sends an alert to the carer or family member resulting in a responder service being sent to offer the individual support. 

Careium, formally known as Doro Care, the Council’s telecare provider dedicated to helping older people live independently at home, worked behind the scenes to ensure that the alerts were successfully received and monitored out of hours and over the weekends.

These innovative sensors have already provided early benefits, and are continually used by Independent Living Officers (ILOs) who are trialling this preventative and early intervention model to respond to residents to ensure they get the support they need.

Maureen, one of the residents whose life was saved by these sensors, explains her story:


Since Maureen’s case, the sensors have identified 22 fuel poverty alerts and two critical alerts.

Councillor Sunita Gordon, Lead Member for Finance and Resources at Sutton Council, said:

“It’s great news to hear how many more residents have been helped since the introduction of this amazing technology.

“Throughout the winter months, it’s more important than ever that our vulnerable residents receive the social care they need.

“I’d like to thank Sutton Council colleagues, Sutton Housing Partnership, IoT Solutions Group and Careium for their continuous hard work and dedication, which has been recognised both nationally and internationally.”

No visual or audio recording takes place, ensuring privacy for the resident in their home.

To find out more about the InnOvaTe Project, visit their website.