Sutton calls on Mayor to delay rollout of ULEZ scheme

18 Jan 2023

The move comes after the Council refused to enter into a section 8 agreement under the Highways Act 1980, which would enable Transport for London to implement the infrastructure required to deliver the ULEZ scheme on the Council’s highway network. 

Speaking at a Council meeting on Monday (16 January) evening, Leader of the Council, Councillor Ruth Dombey said the Council would continue to seek to delay the rollout of the scheme. 

Confirming Sutton’s position at the Council meeting, Councillor Dombey said: 

“We all understand the importance of clean air and recognise the impact pollution has on the lives of people living in our city. But we also have to recognise the pressures our residents are facing with the soaring cost of living. Over 70% of residents in Sutton have ULEZ compliant vehicles, that means nearly 30% do not and in a matter of months the Mayor is expecting our residents to stump up the cash to change their car or use public transport that doesn’t exist.  

"Unlike the introduction of the ULEZ in Central London, the cross-boundary issues from Greater London into the Home Counties also need to be considered. Currently, the exemptions, grace period and scrappage scheme do not apply to those outside of London. This will have implications for residents in our borough if people choose not to travel into Sutton to do business, shopping and to visit friends and family.  

"We have been clear with the Mayor all along that any expansion of the ULEZ must be accompanied by significant investment in public transport; a fair and comprehensive scrappage scheme and an extension of the planned implementation date.  Until that happens, we will not support the scheme. 

"By not signing the section 8 agreement we are sending a clear message to the Mayor that he needs to reconsider. 

"It’s important the Mayor understands the strength of feeling of people living and working in our borough have against the scheme as it stands and that is why I am also calling on residents to share their view by emailing the Mayor.

"Together I believe we can delay the scheme; get a fairer scrappage scheme and finally get the fair share of public transport our borough so desperately needs.”

Residents can email their concerns to the Mayor on

Data on vehicles was supplied to the London Borough of Sutton by TFL and relates to car ownership rather than total resident population. So over 70% of residents (that own a car) in Sutton have ULEZ compliant vehicles.