Sutton’s Early Help and Integrated Youth Justice Team supports young people to build brighter futures.

05 May 2021

George has previously been in trouble with the Police and was placed on a Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO) in March 2021. Tobi Ladejobi, a Youth Justice Social Worker, has been working with George since last October and helps him through challenges via tailored support designed by the service.

The service’s main aim is to reduce reoffending and anti-social behaviour. However the team also works with a child and their family network to identify and establish support to help them. The Youth Justice Service works to the remit of ‘Child First, Offender Second’ and believes every child has individual needs that need to be recognised to help them transition successfully into adulthood.

By working in partnership with education and employment staff, George has recently secured an interview at a college. He hopes to study a course that will help him work towards personal goals, further his confidence and secure future employment.

George reflected on his time with the service: ‘I enjoy working with Tobi because he listens and helps me when I am angry or upset. I am now working with my Education and Employment Worker, and am looking forward to a brighter future. I have worked very hard to get to where I am now and happy that relationships with members of my family are improving. I am looking forward to what the future holds and starting my college course.’

Tobi Ladejobi, Youth Justice Worker said: ‘The Youth Rehabilitation Order gave George the opportunity to work with us to make amends for his past actions and make some positive changes to his life and work towards some constructive goals.’ 

‘While there are still some difficult circumstances and relationships in his life, George and I  have worked closely together and had some honest conversations about how he would like to be a positive role model for his sister and make better life choices for himself. He has been proactive in addressing his own mental health and while he was reluctant to talk to me at first, he is going from strength to strength in dealing with his emotions and stressful life experiences with some tailored support.’


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