Sutton Virtual School and Children Looked After exam results outshine national averages

11 Sep 2023

Sutton Council’s Virtual School, for children who are looked after by the local authority, have just received their end of key stage assessments, which match the outstanding A Level and GCSE exam results already delivered by schools in the borough.

Analysis shows that:

Early Years
Thirteen students took an assessment and achieved an overall 61.5% Good Level of Development (GLD)- considerably higher than national average of 41.0% and a regional average of 46.0%, and almost in line with all Sutton children (68.3% GLD). This is a continuing year on year trend.

Sutton Children Looked After with SEND in early years (EHCP and SEND Support) achieved 33.3%, compared to a national average of 17.0% and 18% regional average for Children Looked after.

Phonics Year 1
Nine children took Year 1 phonics tests. These children achieved exceptionally well with 88.9% working at age related expectations, compared to 60% national and 59% regional, and 84.7% for all children in Sutton. This again continues a positive year on year trend - 66.7% of Sutton CLA with SEND achieved age related expectations compared to a 36% national and 44% regional.

Key Stage 1
Six children took their end of KS1 assessments with 33.3% achieving or exceeding age- related expectations in all areas (reading, writing, maths and science). This was slightly higher than the national average of 30.0% and regional (31.0%) averages. 

Key Stage 2
Four Sutton children took their end of key stage 2 assessments and 50% achieved age-related expectations in reading, writing and maths combined, which was higher than national CLA (34%) and regional averages (40%). Of the four Sutton CLA, three had SEND, and 33% achieved the expected standard, compared to 16% national (25%) and regional average of 26.8%.

Key Stage 1 – 2 Progress
Sutton CLA made excellent progress from key stage 1 to key stage 2, accelerating their progress significantly with an average progress score of +2.22 in reading (national CLA -0.54) and +0.59 in writing (national CLA -0.93) Sutton SEND CLA achieved well from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2, with a progress score of +2.38 in reading (compared to -1.45 National CLA) and better than other groups in writing with -0.80, compared to -2.10 National CLA, -1.26 Regional CLA.

Councillor Marian James, Chair of Sutton Council’s People Committee, said: “Our mainstream education exam results this year really buck the national trend. These figures for students at our Virtual School are outstanding! Many of them have endured very difficult starts in life, but with the dedication of Sutton Virtual School staff and the teaching staff in each school they attend, these children are really being empowered to excel. I am delighted for each and every one of them.”

Kate Leyshon, Head Teacher at Sutton Virtual School, said: “We couldn’t be happier for our students. They have worked incredibly hard to achieve these results, which give them the confidence to go on working hard on their education. One of our older students has received an offer from Oxford, which we are all thrilled about for her.”

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