The role of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

Statutory guidance and procedures state that every Council has a duty to manage allegations and concerns about any person who works with children and young people in their area. This includes:

  • Council staff
  • staff 
  • partner agencies 
  • volunteers 

Sutton Council complies with this duty by employing a LADO.

What the LADO does

The LADO is responsible for managing all child protection allegations made against staff and volunteers who work with children and young people in Sutton.

How the LADO manages allegations

The LADO protocol sets out the actions to take when it is suspected that a professional has harmed a child or young person. 

Making a referral to LADO

Referrals to the LADO should be made by a designated senior manager, within one working day of being made aware of the allegation.

Make a referral

If you are unable to fill in the online form email for downloadable form.

If the senior manager is unsure if the allegation meets the criteria for a LADO referral, they can contact the LADO before a referral is made, 

How to contact the LADO

The LADO service is available from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. 

The out of hours service can be contacted on 020 8770 5000.

The lead LADO

You can contact the lead LADO, Sima Hirani by: