Wearing my poppy with pride

09 Nov 2023

On Sunday morning at 11am in Manor Park in Sutton, I will be taking part in the borough’s Civic Act of Remembrance ceremony. 

Remembrance Day this year will be particularly significant as we pause and take time to think about what is happening across the world and particularly in Gaza and Israel. Along with the continuing war in Ukraine, these terrible events are having a devastating impact on people’s lives. It’s heartbreaking to see the shocking loss of life and the scale of the violence.

I will be wearing my poppy to remember everyone around the world who has lost their life and their future to war and bloodshed. 

Sutton is made up of diverse communities of many different faiths and backgrounds and I am proud that on Armistice weekend we all come together to honour the ultimate sacrifice made by servicemen and servicewomen in order for us to live in a peaceful safe world.

As well as the civic event at Manor Park War Memorial, there will be Remembrance Day events taking place at the five other war memorials in the borough.

Everyone is welcome to join us and pay their respects.

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