All birth registration appointments must be prebooked. 

Before continuing, here are some things you need to know:

  • By law, all babies need to be registered within 42 days
  • Sutton offers an appointment only service for birth registrations
  • Only babies born in Sutton can be registered by our staff
  • If a baby is born outside of Sutton, our staff can take a declaration of that and forward to the correct registration office.  Please contact the Register Office receiving the declaration to arrange payment for a birth certificate.
  • When visiting the Register Office for your appointment, please make sure you get to us with time to spare.

Book an Appointment to Register a Birth

Information on who can register a birth on GOV.UK

What documents do you need to bring with you to the birth registration

  • Official paperwork with the baby’s NHS number on such as the notification of birth or red book and discharge papers.

It is also useful to bring with you:

  • The parents' passports

  • The parents' marriage or civil partnership certificate (if applicable)

If neither parent can attend, or there is a parenthood agreement document please email before you book an appointment. 

What will the Registrar Ask?

  • The place and date of the baby's birth

  • The baby's forenames, surname and gender

  • The baby's parents' forenames, surnames and their places of birth

  • The baby's parents' usual address

  • The baby's parents occupations

  • The baby's mother's maiden surname and any previous married surname

Please remember that the information you give us is very important and should be correct. You will be asked to check the information before you sign the register. Make sure you do this carefully. If mistakes are made for example in the spelling of names, it is difficult to change them later.

The registrar will record the details you give and print a copy of the birth registration for you to check and sign.

The General Register Office will charge a fee of up to £90 if a correction is requested after the register page has been signed.