Sutton Council aims to build a community in which all can take part and all can take pride. The Constitution, originally adopted in May 2002 by the Council and amended subsequently, sets out the framework within which both councillors and employees must act.

What’s in the Constitution?

  • Section 1 - provides a summary and explanation of how the Council operates, including an outline of the rights of citizens or residents of the Borough to engage with and participate in the Council’s democratic processes.
  • Section 2 - Comprises Articles and Schedules which provide details of the Council’s decision-making structure and the duties and powers of its various bodies.
  • Section 3 - Sets out which committees and senior employees are responsible for specific statutory functions.
  • Section 4 - Details the framework for the administrative conduct of the Council and its committees.
  • Section 5 - Comprises a number of codes and protocols by which councillors and employees of the Council are bound, including some guidance on councillors and the law.
  • Section 6 - Provides details of the current Members’ Allowances Scheme which is reviewed annually.

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Internal schemes of management

In accordance with the Council’s Constitution (Section 3 - Responsibility for Functions Part 3 – Scheme of Delegations of Authority to Officers), all matters which have not been reserved to Council or a Committee are delegated to Officers.

Each Service area must develop and maintain its own internal scheme of management which will be published on the Council’s website.