If it’s your waste, it’s your responsibility. Dispose of your items properly to avoid an unlimited fine.

Every business that produces waste in the UK has a legal Duty of Care to manage it properly from the moment it is produced until it is either recycled or disposed of.

Over 50% of UK businesses are not complying with the law and 90% of these are small companies with fewer than 50 employees*.

It is your legal responsibility to always use a registered waste carrier, and/or register to transport your own waste. The correct paperwork must be kept for at least two years.

A lack of understanding will not stop you receiving an unlimited fine in court.

These websites will help your business comply with the law and your Duty of Care:

Advice and support

If you’re a business operating in the London Borough of Sutton and you have a fly tipping problem you would like to help dealing with, please get in touch by telephone 020 8770 5000. We have posters, banners, pavement stencils and provide advice on ways of tackling the problem. 

* Source: Right Waste Right Place