What is the GreenSpace project?

The GreenSpace project is part of our response to the climate emergency and will help to make specific areas in the borough of Sutton more resilient to climate change.  This will involve actions such as planting more trees to create shade and reduce heat and using specific plants to help absorb rainwater. 

The Council has funding to work on two green spaces in the borough.

Where will this work happen?

We used publicly-available data and identified seven possible locations within the borough that are particularly vulnerable to flooding and/or overheating, and have limited access to open green space.  We then surveyed residents to ask them to prioritise the areas and to tell us what features they would like to see and whether or not they would like to be involved further.  One of the key aspects of this project is collaboration with the community on design, creation and maintenance. 

Based on consultation results and feasibility, two of these seven locations will be progressed. Exact locations will be confirmed here soon. 

What might we see in the new green spaces?

We want to create community assets that reduce heat and help surface water to drain, helping to make our borough more resilient to climate change.  Options for these new green areas could include trees, a range of planting, improving wildlife habitats and biodiversity, landscaping plants, seating, and creating better drainage through the removal of tarmac and adding in planting.

What’s happening next?

We are undertaking further work to shape the designs for the sites, and will then be looking for residents’ views on these designs.  Further opportunities to become involved will be promoted through our Sutton Scene newsletter and social media channels.

The GreenSpace project is not a formal part of our ongoing flood risk management schemes, which require large scale capital investment.

What about the other five areas?

Whilst we’re not able to progress all of the areas consulted upon at this point, we will consider developing further options if funding becomes available. 

How can I get in touch if I want to be involved with the creation and/or maintenance of one of these sites?

  • If you mentioned this when you completed the survey, we have your details and we’ll be contacting you at the appropriate stage.  If you didn’t, or you can’t remember, please email us at sustainability@sutton.gov.uk, stating which site you’re interested in and how you’d like to be involved:
  • in the development of specific proposals
  • setting up/being part of a local voluntary group which maintains a GreenSpace site 
  • hearing about the Council’s volunteer Gardening Advisor scheme (currently based in Beddington Park)
  • being an Environment Champion