Report street cleaning problems

Report street cleaning problems including dead animals, fly tipping, graffiti, leaf clearing, dog fouling, long grass and overflowing litter bins.

Fly tipping

Report a fly tip to us. If you see it happening, call the police on 999 and report it as a crime in progress.


Report graffiti to us. We will remove racist, offensive or abusive graffiti, and graffiti from our own property.

Roadkill (dead animals)

We provide a 24 hour response service to attend road traffic accidents where cleaning is required.

Long grass

Report a park or verge that has grass that is significantly overgrown.


We will remove all unauthorised fly postings as part of our street inspections.

Litter Bins

Let us know if you see a litter bin that is full, overflowing or damaged.

Report Dog Fouling

Report dog fouling in the borough.

Street cleaning

Report litter, weeds, dog fouling and other waste on council-owned or council-maintained land.

Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) - dog fouling

Pay your fixed penalty notice for dog fouling. Choose miscellaneous payments, then Fixed Penalty Notice Dog Fouling.