Where do we grit?

As it isn't possible to grit all the roads in the borough, we take a risk based approached and roads regarded as a priority to keep clear and safe for road users are gritted. These priority roads are usually those that are;

  • the main transport routes,
  • areas outside schools,
  • GP surgeries and health centres,
  • high streets and
  • care homes.

The Gritting Service will ensure that these are the first roads that are gritted.

When we receive advice from the Met Office that severe weather is on its way precautionary gritting will take place, this helps prevent ice forming. If we have a snow fall, then further gritting will take place - this helps melt the snow and ice that has already formed. Finally, heavy snowfall will be removed from the highways and footways.

Map of gritting routes and grit bins

This interactive map can also be found as a PDF.

Grit bins near you.

You can also get a small amount of grit from grit bins located throughout the borough. These are normally found at the end of a number of streets so you should be able to find one near you. If a grit bin is empty, please tell us using our online Report an empty grit bin form

Enter your postcode to find out where the nearest grit bins to you are here.

How do we grit?

We have three large gritting vehicles which we use to make sure our priority routes are passable. In addition, we have two gritting trailers (used to grit areas more difficult to access) and also have hand-held gritters which our street scene staff can use for the pavements and roads that the vehicles can't reach.

All red routes in the borough are the responsibility of Transport for London (TfL) and will be gritted by them.