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Get involved

Almost everything is affected by decisions taken by politicians, but there is more to local democracy than debates during Council meetings. It is important that councillors know what you think about the issues that affect you and your neighbourhood so changes can be made within your community.  You can make them aware in a number of ways; from voting in local, London and national elections, to speaking up at committee meetings, to challenging local decision-makers on their decisions.

How can I get involved?

There are many options to make sure your voice is heard:

  • Attend public meetings - many meetings are open to the public to attend, however members of the public will be excluded from certain discussions if they are about individuals, commercial issues and other confidential matters. The Council regularly publishes posters telling residents where and when its meetings are.
  • Complete a questionnaire - we would appreciate if you could complete a form and tell us your views of any committee meetings you have attended.
  • Present a petition - residents of Sutton are invited to present petitions to committees. The petition must be with the Chief Executive at least 14 days before the relevant meeting. If you would like to submit a petition, please send it to or call 020 8770 4990.
  • Present a deputation - 10 or more Sutton residents can present a deputation on a matter concerning a Council service already on a meeting's agenda. If you would like to submit a deputation, please send it to or call 020 8770 4990.
  • Ask a question at a committee or Council meeting - Sutton residents can ask questions at all ordinary meetings of the full Council and at Local Committee meetings. Contact on 020 8770 4990 for more information.
  • Take part in council consultations - The council regularly consults local people about the services it provides.
  • Provide feedback on a service - residents are invited to provide feedback about services by letter, phone, fax, e-mail or in person. There is an explanatory leaflet available at local libraries and Council receptions called 'How to give your feedback about a Council service'.

Members of the public have a statutory entitlement to record meetings to which they are admitted, subject to it not disrupting the meeting. They should record only the meeting and not the audience. Anyone proposing to make a recording must inform the Committee Services contact for the meeting. Mobile devices can interfere with the wireless microphones and induction loop, and if that is the case the Chair may require that such devices are turned off.

If you are not sure where or when the Council will take a decision on a matter that interests you, contact on 020 8770 4990.

Please note: Councillors can ask for a decision of a service committee or a local committee to be reconsidered by a service committee.