Learning disabilities - support for adults

If you have:

  • a learning disability and
  • are registered with a Sutton GP and
  • are over 18 years of age
  • (or you're a carer or relative of someone with a learning disability)

you can ask for help from our specialist services:

  • Psychological Service - to improve your mental wellbeing
  • Specialist Health and Nursing Service - to improve your health
  • Occupational Therapy Service - to be as independent as possible
  • Speech and Language Therapy Service - to improve your communication
  • Physiotherapy Service - to improve your movement
  • Creative Therapies - to overcome anxiety and depression through drama and music

To refer to any of these services please use our referral form: Specialist services for learning disabilities referral form

You'll need to download the form, complete it by hand or on a computer, then email or post it to us at the address provided on the form.

Find out more about the services: 

The Psychological Service helps with:

  • challenging needs and anger management
  • managing autism
  • anxiety, depression, phobias and other mental health problems
  • relationships and social skills
  • bereavement counselling
  • self esteem, assertiveness
  • problem solving, making choices, changes

Support may be given to the individual, a couple, a group or through family and carers. 

The Specialist Health and Nursing Service helps to make sure that someone with a learning disability:

  • understands their health and any health problems which they might have
  • knows what to do to stay as healthy as possible
  • can access the health services available to them 
  • build the skills they need to live healthy lives

Occupational Therapy Service helps people with learning disabilities to:

  • develop skills and be as independent as possible
  • be an active part of their local community
  • gain control of their life

Physiotherapy Service provides specialist physiotherapy assessments and treatment for people with learning disabilities and complex healthcare needs. The service also assesses the need for hydrotherapy at the Sutton Inclusion Centre.

Creative Therapies - if you have problems with depression, anxiety, challenging behaviour, transition and change, the Creative Therapy Service improves your mental health and emotional wellbeing using drama, movement and music. 

Improve your communication

If you have a learning disability and have problems with your communication. You can ask your GP or healthcare professional to refer you to the Speech and Language Therapy Service. The service:

  • gives individual specialist help with communication
  • trains and supports carers, health workers and staff groups
  • co-ordinates the specialist hearing assessment clinic for adults with learning disabilities
  • works with the Dysphasia Team for those experiencing difficulties when eating and drinking

You can view Our Learning Disability Strategy 2022-2027  and Learning Disability Strategy easy-read version.