If you take care of someone who couldn’t manage without your help, you can ask for a carer’s assessment.

Check if you're a carer

If you provide regular, unpaid care and support to an adult who wouldn’t be able to manage without your help, you are classed as a ‘carer’. This includes:

  • getting them washed and dressed
  • taking them to appointments, doing their shopping or keeping them company
  • managing their money and paying bills
  • collecting prescriptions and helping them to take medicines
  • helping them to stand up and get outside 

Anyone over the age of 18 can ask for a carer’s assessment. This is separate from the care needs assessment that the person you care for may have had.

Other types of carers

If your child is under 18 years old and has complex needs, you can get support as a parent carer.

If you are under 18 years old, and care for someone, you can get support as a young carer.

Types of support

As a carer, you can get help to: 

  • take a break (we call this respite)
  • do gardening and housework
  • learn how to safely lift someone 
  • find local support groups so you can meet people in a similar situation
  • find advice about benefits for carers

How the assessment works

During the assessment

The assessment might take place over the phone, online or in person.

We'll ask you about how you’re coping with caring and how it affects your life and wellbeing, and cover things like:

  • your role as a carer 
  • how you feel about caring 
  • whether you’re able or willing to carry on as a carer 
  • your health 
  • your work 
  • other caring responsibilities 
  • what you enjoy doing in your free time 
  • planning for emergencies

We’ll use this information to work out what help you need.

After the assessment

We will work out what support meets your needs. If you qualify for support from the Council, we’ll put together a support plan for you. 

You may receive a carer's personal budget as a direct payment. This can be spent on things that meet the needs identified in your support plan. 

You’ll be asked to show how you have spent your personal budget.

You cannot use your personal budget to pay for the care and support of the person you care for. 

If you don’t qualify for support from the Council, we will still provide you with information, advice and tailored recommendations to help you.

If your needs change or you need more support, contact us for a review or a re-assessment. 

Appealing a decision

If you’re not happy with our decision, we will provide you with information about our appeals process.

Contact us

To request an assessment, contact the Adult Social Care team.


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