New recycling litter bins have been installed in Sutton High Street and Central Road, Worcester Park.

These solar-powered smart bins will help residents and visitors to the borough recycle on-the-go.

What you can and can’t recycle in litter bins

Yes please

  • cans

  • plastic bottles

  • glass bottles

  • newspapers

  • magazines

 No thank you*

  • disposable coffee cups

  • plastic bags 

  • food waste

  • dog waste

  • used nappies

*These items, and everything else, need to go in the black, general litter bins.

If the bins are full, please find an empty one or take your litter home with you.

It’s important to recycle right

Litter bins often contain too much contamination of non-recyclable items like plastic bags, disposable coffee cups, dog waste and used nappies. By putting the right thing in the right bin, you can help make sure we are able to recycle as much as possible.

Thank you for helping Sutton recycle more and waste less.