You’ve heard of smart phones, smart TVs and event smart fridges. Now get ready for smart bins!

There are more than 1,000 public litter bins located across the borough of Sutton. They come in numerous shapes and sizes and are typically located in areas of high footfall (high streets and shopping parades) and places where people gather (outside schools, railway stations and bus stops).

Ensuring that our street litter bins are not overflowing is incredibly challenging because demand changes depending on the season, weather conditions, events and many other factors. It is simply not possible to empty every bin every day - this would be immensely expensive and would require a huge number of unnecessary vehicle journeys, resulting in avoidable carbon emissions. 

Tackling this challenge is important if we are to achieve the ambitious targets we’ve set ourselves in our Environment and Waste Minimization Strategy and Corporate Plan.

There is a solution, and that is ‘smart bins’. We have been trialling smart bins in Sutton Town Centre since summer 2019 and we’ve seen enough to be convinced that they can help us manage our street litter bins in a way that will save money, improve the street scene and benefit the environment. So from Autumn 2020, smart bins will be introduced in eight trial locations in the borough.

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