Parking in front of driveways is inconvenient, selfish and blocks access to and from adjacent premises. Parking across dropped kerbs at junctions can also be dangerous.

The Council undertakes enforcement against vehicles parked adjacent to a dropped kerb, under Section 86 of the Traffic Management Act 2004.

If you wish to report a vehicle parked in front of your dropped kerb without your permission please ring the Councils enforcement contractor - Saba (formerly Indigo) on 020 8661 0096. 

For any dropped kerb, where it is in place to facilitate access to a household, we do not enforce unless we receive a request from the householder.

You will be asked for your name and address and the Civil Enforcement Officer will knock at your door to confirm you are the householder before issuing a Penalty Charge Notice.

Please note the contravention is only deemed to have occurred if any part of the vehicle is adjacent to the lowered flat section of the dropped kerb - this does not include the angled section of the kerb. 

There are some exceptions to enforcement covered by the legislation.

Enforcement is not able to be undertaken:

  1. If there is a designated parking place (such as a permit bay, pay and display bay or disabled bay) or Permit Parking Area adjacent to the dropped kerb then enforcement can only take place if the conditions of the parking place or area are not met (i.e. a permit is not displayed).
  2. If the dropped kerb facilitates access to a household then we can not enforce against the occupier of the household or anyone they have given permission to park adjacent to the dropped kerb (as long as that permission is not granted for monetary remuneration). If there is a yellow line restriction in place the householder can not give permission for any vehicle to park adjacent to the dropped kerb, on the restriction, during the controlled hours.
  3. If blue light services are undertaking emergency duties.
  4. Where loading/unloading of goods is being undertaken provided that vehicle is not in situ longer than is required to facilitate the loading/unloading and for no longer than 20 minutes.
  5. Where there are statutory works being undertaken (i.e. waste collection, road works, gas works etc) 

The exception (2) does not apply to any kerb dropped for the purposes of facilitating pedestrian/cycle access and also does not apply if the dropped kerb is shared between two or more households. If it is a shared dropped kerb then neither occupier has the right to park adjacent to the dropped kerb.