The Police monitor and enforce prevention of speeding and anti-social driving behaviour on the roads.  Where these have resulted in personal injury collisions, the Police investigate and collate information and record them in the accident database. The highway authorities, traffic and transport engineers and practitioners use these records in determining the most suitable measures to address issues and improve road safety where necessary.

Sutton Council is the highway authority for most of Sutton’s roads, whereas Transport for London (TfL) looks after the main strategic network known as the Red Routes in our borough and is the highway authority responsible for those roads. 

Traffic calming and road safety improvements will usually be prioritised at sites that have suffered a history of collisions and have a number of personal injury accidents. At such sites, the risk of collision in the future will be greatest unless changes can be made; therefore priority is normally given to these sites.

There are a wide range of measures that could be introduced to regulate traffic flow and reduce speed. The choice of measures will depend on the pattern of collisions, the road geometry, existing restrictions such as private access and driveways, on street parking and the money available.

If you would like to report a road safety issue, please use or online enquiry form.