What are Traffic Management Orders?

Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) are statutory legal documents made by the council under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.  They are used to regulate and enforce highways traffic measures and parking.

View our Permanent Traffic Order Consultations (To view proposed Orders please select ‘Notices of Proposals’)

We consult on Proposals to make Permanent Orders with the emergency services, other statutory bodies and the general public who can make representations.  Our TMOs are published in a local newspaper and we put up street notices.

There are four main types of TMOs:

Permanent orders:

Most of the signs and lines that are on our streets are governed by Permanent Orders e.g:

  • School keep clear zig-zag markings
  • Double / single yellow lines
  • Parking bays
  • Speed limits
  • Banned turns
  • Prohibition of traffic
  • One way roads

Experimental orders:

Experimental Orders are used to introduce traffic schemes but allows them to be introduced and monitored before being made permanent.  

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Temporary orders:

Temporary Traffic Orders are used mainly when works are to take place on the highway or adjacent to it. Road surfacing and works by the public utilities to lay new mains or cables are when a temporary traffic order would be used to close a road or implement one-way working.

View our Temporary Traffic Orders and Notices or if you would like to apply for a temporary traffic order, details can be found on our street works register

Special event orders:

Special Event Orders usually takes the form of a road closure to allow an event to take place on it. In Sutton, special events orders are made for the Cheam Charter Fair, Big Lunch, Frost Fair, Playing Out and Take Part Take Pride. A Special Event Order is only valid for the duration of an Event.

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Other notices:

Street notices are used to inform the public when we are  introducing pedestrian crossings and road humps.  We also use them to announce any Public Spaces Protection Orders.

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Footway parking ban exemption resolutions;

These are records of officer delegations in respect of footwayparking ban exemptions

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