Environmental health

Report a neighborhood nuisance, find out about pest control, lost dogs, and asbestos disposal

Reporting a garden nuisance

Report high hedges, overgrown gardens and bonfires. 

Pest control

Advice and guidance about dealing with problems with pests.

Stray and lost dogs

What to do if you find a lost or stray dog, or if your dog goes missing. 

Book a clinical waste collection

You can request that we collect clinical waste from your home.

Disposing of asbestos safely

Find out how to identify asbestos and arrange for it to be disposed of safely. 

Illegal encampments on Council land

Find out how we deal with illegal encampments on Council land. 

Report a burglar alarm

How to report an intruder alarm if it has been sounding more than 20 minutes. 

Report a noise nuisance

Find out how we deal with noise nuisance.