Documents required when giving notice

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You'll need to provide the below evidence at the time of your appointment. All documents provided must be originals. Scanned or photocopied documents are not acceptable.

For documents issued in a foreign language, we'll need to see the original and a full English translation.

In order to give notice of marriage, both parties will be required to produce one piece of evidence each.

Your name, date of birth and nationality:

valid UK passport OR

birth certificate (British Citizens only: if born before 1 January 1983, they must provide their original UK certificate, plus another piece of specified evidence to establish current name (in case of name change since birth) OR

if born on or after 1 January 1983, they must provide a naturalisation/registration certificate or evidence (birth certificate or passport) of British nationality of your parent OR

valid EEA passport OR

valid EEA ID card

Evidence of your place of residence:

utility bills (not older than 3 months); includes gas, electricity, water, telephone, but not mobile

bank/building society statement (not older than 1 month from the date of your appointment)

most recent Council Tax bill (current year only)

valid UK driving licence

tenancy agreement

If you've recently moved to the borough from another district you should also establish a clear 7 day residency. Proof of address would be a tenancy agreement, mortgage statement or letter from the homeowner confirming the date of your arrival and the name, address and contact telephone number of the person who is vouching for your residence.

If one or both parties wish to marry or form a civil partnership in England or Wales and one or both of you are not resident in this country, then you must first establish a residency of seven clear days within a district in England or Wales. The day of your arrival will not be counted as part of your residency so on the eighth day you'll be free to give notice in the Register Office for the borough in which you've established that residency.  As you or your partner would only have arrived in England or Wales recently, we will accept a letter from the person that you have been residing with as proof of address. The letter should state the date you arrived and the name, address and contact telephone number of the person who is vouching for your residence.

Evidence of change of name

original Deed Poll / Change of name certificate

Evidence of dissolution of previous marriage or civil partnership

original divorce certificate (translation of originals required for foreign divorces in foreign languages); please note that if the name on the divorce decree absolute or civil partnership dissolution does not match the name on the proof of identity, you'll need to provide either an original certified copy of your previous marriage/civil partnership certificate or a change of name deed to link the names

from the 1 November 2017 additional charges will made for the consideration of overseas divorce documents:

£50 - divorce obtained overseas that can be cleared locally

£75 - divorce obtained overseas that needs to be cleared by the General Register Office

Please note that only when a registrar sees the document can a decision be made as to whether it will cleared locally or cleared by the General Register Office.

if either of you is a widow/widower or surviving civil partner, we'll need to see a certified copy of your partner's death certificate and your marriage/civil partnership certificate

If you're under 18 years of age

Consent is required from one of your parents.  You will need to complete ‘consent required to the Marriage of a Minor’ form and provide supporting evidence.

To proceed further please call the Register Office on 020 8770 6790 to arrange to come in and pick up the form, at this time you will need to bring in your Full Birth Certificate.  The Registrar will then instruct you which other documents are required for your appointment to give notice of marriage. Failure to bring in the documents will result in us being unable to take the notice and your appointment being re-booked.

Please note this is a prescribed list of acceptable documents and we're unable to accept documents outside of this list. If you're unsure about the documents required, call us on 020 8770 6790 or email