Pre-application planning advice

Pre-Application planning advice

The London Borough of Sutton offers a paid-for pre-application planning advice service for prospective applicants and businesses. We encourage all applicants to seek advice before submitting an application, and offer a range of services including advice on householder, minor and major schemes.

To help us provide you with clear and helpful advice in a timely manner, please ensure you have fully read the Validation Requirements and Charging Schedule before you complete and submit the pre-application advice application form to the Council.

Upon receipt of a valid request for pre-application advice, you will be assigned a case officer who will provide you with advice within the allotted timeframe. The advice provided will include a discussion on the merits of the proposal, including an assessment of the positive and negative features of the scheme, and will outline any changes that need to be made to the scheme to make it acceptable if necessary. However, the advice offered should be used as a helpful guide for the submission of acceptable schemes, and is not a binding decision of the Council, nor should the advice letter be viewed as a pre-determination.

Please be aware that any pre-application advice given is likely to be made publicly available as part of the online documents if we receive a related application, subject to commercial confidentiality rules. If you consider that any information contained in your pre-application submission, or any of the advice you received, should not be made available to the public upon receipt of a related application, the Council will need to be notified of this in advance of a full application, and the reasons why you consider this information should be exempt.

Pre-Application Service Forms, Fees & Service Standards Download 

Details of the London Borough of Sutton's Pre-Application Advice Service, within the downloads you will find details of the services offered, minimum validation requirements, timescales, cost and our application form to complete. 

How to pay

How to submit an application

  • Email your completed submission to our development management team in Sutton
  • Post or hand it in at our offices