Application forms, fees and guidance - Application forms and fees

Applications can be submitted and paid for electronically via the online planning portal.

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Please find a list of planning application forms and planning scale of fees to print.
If you are hand delivering an application to our offices please print and complete the planning application form. Payment can be made by card at our reception desk.

The Ordnance Survey location plans submitted with your planning application must be licensed and purchased through the correct mapping and data centres. The plan you submit will be published on our website. Although we will register any illicit mapping, please be warned that you will be in breach of Crown Copyright. We reserve every right to forward your details to Ordnance Survey for infringing the Crown Copyright and for further investigation. Any applicant infringing the Crown Copyright will be prosecuted and may result in penalty fees.

Notes to applicants for planning permission

Although the council's officers may be in a position to advise on proposals, such advice must not be taken in any way as an official approval or grant of permission. The determination by the council of the formal application is the only valid decision

Guidance when Certificate A is not applicable. These forms may apply to several types of planning applications.

If you are not the sole owner of the application site, Certificate A will not be applicable. In this instance, you will need to completed Certificate C, B or D.

For householder planning applications - If you know some or all of the owner(s) use Article 11 (Certificate B)

If you know some but not all of the owner(s)  (but not for householder application)  use Article 11, Notice 1, Certificate B or C  and Article 11, Notice 2, Certificate C

If you are unable to identify any of the owner(s) use this form for publication in a local newspaper  use for C and D Article 11, Notice 2, Certificate C

When completing Certificate B or C, a copy of the Article 11 Notice is required to be sent to the appropriate owner(s).

In the cases when some / all of the owners cannot be identified (Certificate C or D) you should send a copy of the appropriate Article 11 Notice to a locally circulated newspaper for publication. A copy of the advertisement, the date of publication and the name of the newspaper should accompany the application form.

Please Note: Your application details will be published on the council's website; for further information please contact the planning contact centre on 020 8770 5070.