Streets, roads and highways

Grass cutting 

We are working hard to catch up with grass cutting 


Report a pothole or road defect

Use our online form to report a pothole, broken or loose manhole cover or damage to the road.


Highways and street lighting

Find out how to report a faulty street light, street sign or crossing. Find out how to apply for a skip permit, vehicle crossing (dropped kerb) and licences for hoarding or scaffolding. Find out how to report orverhanging greenery and how to make a highway search (highways extent plan).

Street and parks cleaning

Find out how to report fly tipping or graffiti and how to request a street clean by reporting litter, dog waste and spills. Find out when and where we use grit and how to report a blocked road drain (or gully). Find out about our leaf bag service - for clearing leaves on the pavement.

Flood risk management

Find out how to report flooding and how to manage the risks of flooding. Find out about landowner responsibilities and the lead local flood authority.


Find out how to report a problem with roadworks in the borough and how to apply to close a road.