Feedback, complaints & compliments

How to contact us

Feedback and compliments

We value your feedback & use your comments to improve our standards. Please tell us if you feel the service you received should have been better, or if you feel the council, or an officer of the council has done something well.

Waste complaints

If you are contacting us to make a complaint about your waste and recycling collection service, please do so by using the waste complaint form

You can use this to tell us if; 

  •  make a complaint or provide feedback about the waste and recycling collection service.

Please don't use this form to report a missed bin collection or request new bins. Reports of missed collections must be received within 48hrs or we can not process this as a missed collection if your report is outside of this deadline. The waste complaints forms are not alwasy processed in this time frame. 

It is much quicker to make a service request or to report a missed bin collection or request a new bin please use our report / request form 


If you feel that a council service hasn’t been properly delivered, you can make an official complaint. Please note your complaint should be regarding something that has happened in the last 12 months. Please click on the relevant service area to view the procedure and submit a complaint.

Making a compensation claim

If you are contacting us to make a claim for compensation please do so now by making a liability claim here.