Garden waste collection

What to put in the garden waste bins

Acceptable garden waste 

Put these in your garden waste bins:

  • grass and hedge clippings
  • leaves
  • twigs and sticks
  • old plants and weeds
  • branches up to 22cm (8 inches) diameter
  • windfalls eg fallen apples

If you're putting heavy garden waste in your bin, make sure it's only about one third full of heavy things. Bins full of heavy things can be dangerous when lifted onto the trucks.

Unacceptable garden waste

Don't put these in your garden waste bins (as we won't collect it): 
  • bricks, rubble, soil and turf
  • plant pots and polystyrene plant containers
  • animal waste and animal bedding
  • general garden rubbish and tools
  • old garden waste sacks or other plastic sacks
  • anything that won't compost

Make sure

  • you don't over fill your bin - the bin lid should close easily
  • you don't leave extra garden waste by your bin (you'll need to save it for next time)