Garden waste collection

What we can collect and what we can’t collect

We can collect

  • grass and hedge clippings

  • leaves

  • twigs and sticks

  • old plants and weeds

  • branches up to 22cm (8 inches) diameter

  • windfalls eg fallen apples


We can’t collect

  • bricks, rubble, soil and turf

  • plant pots and polystyrene plant containers

  • animal waste and animal bedding

  • general garden rubbish and tools

  • old garden waste sacks or other plastic sacks

  • bags or sacks (including compostable bags)

  • large branches (over 30cm in diameter)

  • japanese Knotweed

  • wire, string, plastic or metal

  • liquids (e.g. paint, pesticides, weed killers)

  • food waste