Citizenship & nationality - Citizenship ceremonies

Register Office contact details

Address: Russettings
25 Worcester Road

Tel: 020 8770 5000


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Before carrying on, here are some things you need to know

  • if your application for British Citizenship is approved by the Home Office, a Citizenship ceremony invitation letter is sent to you 

  • all adults must attend a Citizenship ceremony and take an oath and pledge once the Home Office have informed you that you have been successful in gaining British Citizenship

  • only the applicant can book a ceremony and you will need your Home Office Invitation letter with you when you contact the office to book a ceremony

  • there is only a charge if you wish to book an individual ceremony

  • group ceremonies are free

Where citizenship ceremonies are held

These are conducted by registration officers at Sutton Register Office (also known as 'Russettings') at 25 Worcester Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 6PR (see where on this map).

In Sutton, citizenship ceremonies are normally held in a group but, for an additional fee, you can arrange for an individual ceremony.

What happens at ceremonies

Ceremonies begin with a speech of welcome by the superintendent registrar. The ceremony also includes welcome speeches by local dignitaries, who give information about the local community.

The taking of a new citizenship oath and pledge is a legal requirement and the key moment at which citizenship is granted. New citizens are then called up one at a time to receive their certificate, information pack and commemorative gift.

The nationality certificate is presented by a local dignitary on behalf of the Home Secretary and can subsequently be used to support passport applications and to prove the individual is a British citizen.

The ceremony will end with a closing speech and the playing of the national anthem. Afterwards, there may be an informal celebration with light refreshments.