Reusable Nappy Cashback Incentive Scheme

To help support parents with the cost of reusable nappies Sutton Council are running a Reusable Nappy Cashback Incentive Scheme where you can receive up to £40 cashback*.

Reusable nappies are better for your baby and the environment. There are many different types and styles to choose from and all are easy to use with a little practice.

Why choose reusable nappies?

Better for the environment

Using reusable nappies means less waste. Even if you just use them sometimes, you are still making a difference. 


A set of reusable nappies costs approximately £150. It can cost up to £900 a year buying disposables so in the long run it will save you money.

Easy to use

Reusable nappies can fit in with your lifestyle, perhaps switching from reusable at home, to disposables when out and about, during the night or on holiday. 

Kind for baby

Most types of reusable nappies are easy to use and shaped to fit, like disposable nappies. They are soft on the skin and don’t contain absorbent gels or chemicals.

There are two basic types of reusable (real) nappies.

  • two-part nappies which consist of a nappy part and a waterproof wrap 
  • all-in-one nappies in which the inner nappy and the outer waterproof are combined

Why not try before you buy ? 

Sutton Council do not endorse any of the products or services found here.

Terms and conditions

  • This scheme is for Sutton residents only.
  • Applications must be received within eighteen months of the baby’s birth.
  • Receipts for all nappies or birth to potty packs must be included - these can be new or second hand. This includes all cloth reusable nappies, including all in one nappies and outer shells, cloth/reusable nappy liners.
  • Minimum spend of £100 to receive £25 cashback, or spend over £150 to receive £40 cashback. 
  • Only one application allowed per baby. For each baby separate receipts must be produced.
  • Applications must be accompanied by the baby’s birth certificate and proof of address. Proof of address is required for applications where the birth certificate is older than 3 months - Proof of address must be dated within the last 3 months e.g. council tax, utility, rent or mortgage bill.
  • Payment will be made directly into your bank account.
  • Sutton Council reserves the right to refuse any application made to the Reusable Nappy Cashback Incentive Scheme.

To make an application please complete the online nappy cashback application form.

Alternatively, If you would prefer to apply by post please complete the postal application form.

Please read the London Borough of Sutton privacy notice.

Please contact for further information.

*Subject to terms and conditions