Reuse: donate items

Rehome, Reuse, Upcycle

It’s better to rehome things you no longer need rather than to recycle them or take them to the HRRC. It’s better to buy second hand rather than to buy new.  

Community Sharing 

  • Rehome things you no longer need with Freegle, Olio and Freecycle. These free sharing networks allow you to list items you don’t need, and match you up with a local who’d like them. 
  • You can make requests if you need something specific too. Clothes, furniture, electronic equipment, cleaning products...even if it needs a bit of TLC, you’ll find someone who’s willing to take on a project.

Buying second hand, donating furniture, clothes and DIY materials

From shops in Sutton which sell second hand and upcycled items, to places where you can learn the skills to repair and upgrade what’s at home, the Re-Use Map will point you to the places in Sutton where you can prevent waste by avoiding buying new.

We’ve colour-coded our map: 

  • Purple - Charity Shops where you can donate or purchase second hand items
  • Blue - Libraries where you can borrow so you don’t need to buy
  • Yellow - Shops which sell second hand goods and supplies
  • Red -  Places which offer courses or workshops on upcycling 

Further information and resources:

Love Food, Hate Waste