Elm Grove

Elm Grove Residents’ Steering Group

Elm Grove Residents’ Steering Group

In October 2019, residents from Elm Grove agreed to form a Residents’ Steering Group (RSG) to give residents a forum to share their views and influence decisions. 

Why is a Residents' Steering Group important?

  • Gives residents a voice to be heard

  • Provides a group that works to protect the interests of residents

  • Gives residents the opportunity to work openly and collaboratively with the Council and other stakeholders

  • Provides residents with a platform to challenge and contribute to estate proposals

  • Enables residents to work together in developing a shared vision

  • Provides a respectful setting to establish local priorities, develop ideas and positively influence future decisions

  • Establishes a working group where residents can assist in the selection of specialist consultants

  • Plays a key role in monitoring the Council's commitments