Event planning

Sutton Safety Advisory Group

Sutton Council strives to support the planning and delivery of public events in the Borough, to encourage the success and well-being of the public at those public events, and to ensure as far as possible that any inconvenience to residents, businesses and the general public arising from events is minimised.

Sutton Council aims to ensure that all events organised in the borough:

  • take place safely;
  • are well organised; and
  • engage all relevant stakeholders in the planning process

Sutton Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

The Sutton Safety Advisory Group (SAG) can advise on safety aspects for public events that are planned to be held in the Borough.

The group is coordinated by the Safer Sutton Partnership Service and includes members from Trading Standards, Licensing and Emergency Planning teams, along with the Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade and the London Ambulance Service. It is not the group's role to plan your event for you, but it will review your plans and offer advice and suggestions where appropriate for you to improve the safety of the event for all involved. It is the event organiser's responsibility to take any appropriate action.

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