Ways to vote

Voting by proxy

Voting by proxy

If you cannot go to your polling station you can also apply to vote by proxy. This means that someone can vote on your behalf. This is especially useful if you are overseas and it would be difficult to return your postal vote in time. Your proxy must be legally able to vote and they cannot vote on behalf of more than two people unless they are closely related to them. If you want to vote by proxy you can download a proxy vote application form to print and return to us once completed.

The deadline for applications for a new proxy vote is 5pm, 6 working days before the election. If you are changing or cancelling an existing proxy vote, the deadline is 5pm, 11 working days before the election. A proxy vote may be useful if you are too late to apply to vote by post. You can still apply if there is a medical emergency after the deadline, but you need to contact us for a special form.

You have to give a reason for a proxy application. If applying for a long-term proxy you also normally need to have it countersigned. An emergency proxy vote application must be countersigned.


Emergency Proxy

If you are unable to go to the polling station due to an occupational or medical emergency (including if you or your proxy are self-isolating as a result of government or medical advice), and the proxy deadline has passed, you can apply to vote by emergency proxy.  The deadline to apply for an emergency proxy is by 5pm on Election Day.

Contact Electoral Services on 020 8770 4179 for further information and to download a medical emergency proxy formoccupation, service or employment emergency proxy form or a COVID-19 emergency proxy form