Garden waste collection - About the garden waste collection service

Residents subscriptions will now officially start on 1 June. Any collections residents have already received will now be free, and the full 26-week subscription week service will begin for all subscribers from Thursday 1 June.

You can choose a large bin or a small bin, or a combination of bins depending on the amount of garden waste you have. Small bins hold 140 litres of waste. Large bins hold 240 litres of waste.

New and existing customers can sign up and pay from late February 2017.


For the service starting April 2017:
  • large bin (240 litre) or small bin (140 litre) are both the same price - £61.50
  • this pays for a 12 month service as compared to the 9 months offered in 2016 
You can pay for as many 240 litre wheelie bins as you want. Sacks are available for residents that currently use bags for their rubbish and recycling - please contact us for details.

After you've signed up and paid

If you are an existing customer and already have a bin, you can use this service from 3 April 2017.

New customers who signed up by 31 March 2017 will receive their new garden waste bin by the end of May 2017.

Once you have received the bin, you can start filling it with your garden waste.

Your annual subscription will start on the date of your first collection and you will receive 26 collections.

Starting your collections from 3 April 2017

Just place your garden waste wheelie bins out with your normal fortnightly brown rubbish bin collection.

How to sign up

Sign up/renew and pay for the garden waste collection service.

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