Garden waste collection - About the garden waste collection service

The new garden waste collection service starts in April 2017

A new, year-round service starts in April 2017. If you sign up and pay, you'll get garden waste collections throughout the year. It doesn't matter when you sign up, your subscription is for one year of collections.

You can choose a large bin or a small bin, or a combination of bins depending on the amount of garden waste you have. Small bins hold 140 litres of waste. Large bins hold 240 litres of waste. 

New and existing customers can sign up and pay from late February 2017.


For the service starting April 2017:
  • large bin (240 litre) bin - £61.50 
  • (this pays for a 12 month service as compared to the 9 months offered in 2016)

After you've signed up and paid

If you're a returning customer, you'll be added back into the scheme.

If you're a new customer, you'll receive your wheelie bin and some additional details about the garden waste scheme.

Everyone will get a sticker after signing up.  This shows that you have a current subscription to the service. Our crew put the sticker on your bin - so please leave it on or we won't know that you're signed up to the service. 

Starting your collections 

Just place your garden waste wheelie bins out with your normal fortnightly recycling collection. (Your recycling is your green wheelie bin). Your garden waste will then be removed by our collection crews.

How to sign up

You can sign up and pay online from February 2017.

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