Garden waste collection

Sign up/renew and pay for the garden waste collection service

Sign up/renew and pay for the garden waste collection service

Our fortnightly garden waste recycling service cost £65.00 per bin and you can order as many bins as you need.

Existing customers can subscribe 30 days prior to the end of your subscription. To check your current subscription please enter your postcode in our Find my local services tool, select your property and then 'More Garden Waste Options'.

New customers can subscribe to the garden waste service at any point during the year and will receive 26 collections over a 12 month period.  

Help using our online garden waste system

  • Enter your postcode into the the address look up
  • Select your address from the list by clicking on it and clicking the continue button. Please be patient this can take up to a minute
  • Once the 'Your waste and recycling services' page has loaded you will need to scroll down the page until you get to the 'Garden waste collections- subscribe to the service section'
  • You will need your debit of credit card to hand to complete the transaction
  • Please keep trying- the system is very busy and can sometimes take a long time to load
  • Before signing up for your garden waste subscription please ensure that you have read the Garden waste collection terms and conditions paying your subscription means that you have agreed to the terms and conditions.

Sign up/renew/pay for garden waste

If you have tried to sign up or renew your garden waste collection service subscription but could not, please request a call back from our customer service team who will then arrange for payment.

After you've signed up and paid

  • if you are an existing customer and already have a bin, you can start using your garden waste bin from the date that you made payment
  • new customers will receive their new bin within 15 days of making payment. Once you have received the bin, you can start filling it with your garden waste. Your annual subscription will start on the date of your first collection and you will receive 26 collections
  • Once you have signed up and paid for your annual subscription you should receive your bin in the next 15 days  
  • Start using your bin as soon as you receive it, your subscription will start on the date of your first collection 

Starting your collections

You can find out your garden waste collection schedule by entering your postcode in our Find my local services tool. If you are a new customer a collection date will only show once your bin(s) is delivered.