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The Sutton Local Offer has been developed and published following a series of focus groups around the borough involving parent/carer groups, young people and voluntary sector groups. This feedback has been used to shape and develop the Local Offer to meet the needs of local residents.

Sutton is required to keep the Local Offer under review and we would like your ideas on how we can make it better. All comments and feedback will be considered and used to regularly review the Local Offer. This will enable us to plan future provision and identify gaps.

We will use your feedback to inform our strategic planning. To let you know that your views are being carefully considered, every year we will publish a report here, summarising what you have told us you want and letting you know what action we are taking.

If you would like to get involved, we want to hear from you (GoogleDOC).

Please make your comments and suggestions in our feedback form (GoogleDOC).

Alternatively, please email

Cognus's Customer Care Standards.

Cognus is committed to providing good services to our clients, families and young people, and as part of that, we want to communicate effectively with you.
We would like to thank Sutton Parent Carer Forum (SPCF) for the support and feedback they have given to Cognus regarding our processes and how we communicate effectively as an organisation. We commenced devising a ‘Customer Charter’ with SPCF some months ago and this will be completed soon. SPCF will be consulting with the wider Parent Carer Networks across Sutton to develop the final version of the Customer Charter.
Recently, we have been working with SPCF on our communication processes and in response to the feedback received, we wish to highlight our commitment for responding to day-to-day enquiries.
When you contact us we will respond within three working days. This will be either to
: • Provide the response, or;
• Acknowledge that we have received your message and explain when you can expect a full response to your query. When this happens, it is because your query needs more detailed information and it might take longer (up to 10 days) to reply fully. We will keep you informed of the progress.
We will also make sure that any team member who is 'out of office' includes on their out of office notification the contact details for urgent queries and a date when they will be available to reply. Please rest assured we are working on every case all the time to provide the best possible service.
To give us your feedback, whether positive or negative, please see our feedback and complaints section.
The Impact of COVID-19:  With COVID-19 affecting many families, including those working in the Cognus teams, our response time may take longer than normal. However, our teams are continuing to work and want to maintain communication with you as much as is possible. We very much apologise for any delays 
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