More about our budget

Our Budget 2023/24

How our budget is funded

Our budget is funded through three main routes, illustrated by a pie chart. Council tax makes up 74% of our funding, funding from central government accounts for 16% and business rates make up the final 10%.

How our government funding has reduced

Our government funding has almost halved since 2011, We received £83.5 million in 2011, reduced to £74.1 in 2014,  £46.8 million in 2018 and down to £45.7 million in 2023

The savings we have made to keep the Council in a good financial position

 We have delivered more than £102 million in savings since 2011, when the governemnt funding began to reduce. This chart shows our savings of £5.2 million in 2010/11, rising to £43.8 million in 2014/5, £83.5 million in 2018/9 and £112.9 million in 2023/24

How we will spend our 2023/24 budget

£122.1 million to adult social care and supporting children, £36.6 millions to improbing Suttons environment and local economy, £23.1 million to managing benefits, buildings and support services and £6.6 millions to public health. libraries and leisure centres.

Investing in what matters most

We invest £6.6 million in roads, pavements, street lighting and public safety, £7.4 million in school place expansion and maintenance, £17.1 million in Sutton High Street and the London cancer hub, £50 million in building new Council homes and regeneration and £26 million in Council homes improvements.

Weekly council tax breakdown for a Band D property

As a result to rising demand and rising costs, we need to increase council tax by 2.99% and apply the government's adult social care precept of an additional 2%. For a Band D property, this would equal a total rise of 86p per week (59p being the raised council tax, plus an additional 29p for adult social care)