Sutton Scene - Leader of the Council Column 24/04/20

Published Friday, 24th April 2020

It was good to hear a Government minister praising local government workers as "unsung heroes" this week.

While NHS staff all across the country, quite rightly, receive huge applause and gratitude for their extraordinary response to this terrible virus, it was great to hear the work of Council staff and carers being recognised as well.

So many people have risen to the challenge and shown how strong the community spirit is here in our borough. Council staff are working flat out to keep essential services running and provide extra help and support to vulnerable residents and local businesses. They are ensuring that the Contact Centre and the Sutton Hub are working well and responding quickly to a growing number of requests for assistance. Our nurses are working long hours to help the hospitals discharge patients as soon as is safe and to give them the support they need as they continue to recover in their own home.

We couldn't do all this without the support of the many hundreds of volunteers who have stepped up to give us a hand and we are truly grateful to you all. We also couldn't do it without the hard work of the countless people who are managing to carry on providing those essential services that we all rely on - police and fire officers, postal workers, pharmacists, bus and train drivers, refuse collectors, people working in care homes, teachers keeping the schools open for the children of key workers, staff in shops and supermarkets stacking the shelves, working the tills and delivering the food orders.

To all of you - and to everyone working in the voluntary and community sector in our borough - we extend our huge thanks. You are all unsung heroes.


Councillor Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council