How we are investing in our digital infrastructure

How we are investing in our digital infrastructure

Published Monday, 15th March 2021

To support Sutton’s growth, we’re working with our residents and businesses to improve how we deliver services.

“Our Digital and IT team support our colleagues to ensure they can give residents help and support when they need it. We’re promoting digital literacy and helping to make fast, reliable internet connectivity available to our residents” says David, Corporate Head of Digital Strategy & Portfolio for Sutton Council.

“Through the team’s work with network provider Community Fibre last year, we’ve brought some of the fastest internet speeds in the UK to council-owned homes across the borough, at an affordable price for residents.” 

As of February 2020, over 3,500 council-owned homes have access to fast full-fibre broadband internet, almost exactly one year since the pilot began.

Social value is about achieving maximum value in all that we do and remains a key feature of the Council service delivery priorities. As we face increasing pressure on services and on our financial resources across the Council, we must achieve the maximum possible value from every pound we spend. 

‘Value’ isn’t limited solely to the best price, but rather achieving greater economic, social and environmental impact and benefits for the borough. 

As well as enabling full fibre broadband in the Borough, Community Fibre will also provide:

  • free Wi-Fi in communal areas of independent living schemes and council-owned community buildings

  • digital skills training

  • apprenticeship opportunities for residents.

David added: “I am incredibly proud of the work the Digital and IT team have undertaken to ensure the borough has wider access to broadband. In an ever changing digital environment - where home learning, online gaming and streaming TV are reliant on better connectivity - this is a very important step in making Sutton a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

Our Digital and IT team has worked hard to pilot new ways to support the community during the pandemic. 

Find out how we plan to protect those needing our care and support Sutton’s recovery over the next 12 months.

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